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American English is simply the best Beatle tribute story of our time. At the inception of the band, they were voted “number one” by thousands of Beatle fans as winners of sound a like contests at Beatlefest® for three consecutive years. They have also won Illinois Entertainer of the Year and have been voted "Best Tribute Band" three of the last four years by their fans in the Chicagoland area. Their demand here and abroad, coupled with their spectacular fan base, has anchored them into a professional setting, and launched them into larger venues and theatres worldwide.

Young Hines as John Lennon

Young brings to the Beatle world his exceptional musical and vocal skills which quickly gained him the status of "The Guy!" Young has an unlimited vocal range, beautiful falsetto and rich timbre that John was so famous for. His vocals are so realistic that he and his former bandmates fr om "The Return" were invited to appear on the ABC television network show, "Good Morning, America!" Young's vocal talent gives him the ability to belt out "screamer" like "Twist and Shout" and "Mr. Moonlight," switch to ballads such as "In My Life" and "Norwegian Wood" and then use his uncanny falsetto in songs like "Day In The Life" and "Baby, You're A Rich Man." Young's stunning portrayal of John Lennon will surely please even the most die-hard Beatle fans.

“They’re incredible! It’s like virtual reality. By the end of the show, I actually felt sad, feeling the break up of The Beatles all over again.”
Denny Laine of "Wings"

Eric Michaels as Paul McCartney 

Eric Michaels and Paul McCartney have several things in common, but perhaps the most striking similarity is that they are both incredibly versatile vocalists. Eric has the power to scream out a raucous rocker like, “ I Saw Her Standing There” and also the finesse to sweetly sing a tender love ballad such as “Yesterday.” He is also a multi- talented instrumentalist; not only does he play a left-handed Höfner Beatle bass like McCartney; he is also proficient on piano, organ and guitar. Eric’s physical resemblance to McCartney combined with his vocal and instrumental talents produce an amazing performance every time. American English’s version of Sir Paul, Eric Michaels, also has the distinction of being endorsed by Höfner guitar.

James Paul Lynch as George Harrison

At age 18, James Paul responded to an ad in the local newspaper for a “Beatles Tribute Band” that was looking for a Paul McCartney. He immediately taught himself how to play the bass left-handed and joined his first Beatle band. Soon after, he would also dabble as "John" and then finally began perfecting the role best suited to him “musically,” "GEORGE!" Like his father before him, lead guitar is his passion and he could easily identify with George's personality more since George was his favorite Beatle.

James Paul has played Beatles music in countless countries spanning four continents.  He is proficient on guitar, bass, piano, drums and many other instruments, and is also a song writer and records his original music whenever time permits.

"These guys are more than a band, they're a Broadway show!"
Eric Burdon of "The Animals"

Tom Gable as Ringo Starr

Tom Gable mirrors the very nature of Ringo Starr. Not only does Tom accurately duplicate Ringo’s voice in fun loving songs like “Yellow Submarine” and “With A Little Help From My Friends,” he completely replicates the wild and unorthodox drumming style for which Starr is known. Keeping flawless time and never giving in to the tendency to rush or slow down, Tom is the essential element of driving Rock n’ Roll Beatle tunes with American English. He always gives each song a special feel by adjusting his rhythms to suit the musical tone. The owner of The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England was quoted as saying, “Tom’s voice is the closest to Ringo’s that I have ever heard!”

Ken Zemanek as George Martin 

Ken is the keyboardist and sound architect for American English. He is the ingredient which is missing from almost all other Beatle tribute shows today. Ken fills the role of The Beatles’ producer, Sir George Martin, by performing all the orchestrations and special effects live, with- out any tapes or recordings. Kenny Z. plays all the signature horn parts, strings, flutes, organs, tablas, backwards sound effects, tambourine, cowbells, etc., that were such an important part of The Beatles’ recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Ken is proud to be endorsed by Korg, the manufacturer of the keyboard Ken uses in the Complete Beatles Tribute shows performed by American English.